People / David Rimmer

Filmmaker. David Rimmer was born in Vancouver on January 20, 1942. He is among Canada’s best-known film artists. He studied math and economics at the University of British Columbia before pursuing graduate work in English at Simon Fraser University. It was during this time that Rimmer emerged as an important young filmmaker with the short films Square Inch Field (1968) and Migration (1969), these films drawing acclaim partly for their incorporation of stock footage. However, his work of the mid-seventies, namely, Canadian Pacific (1974) and Canadian Pacific II (1975), established his reputation internationally. Rimmer’s often pensive work explores the structural conventions of film as a medium and the particularities of perception in a lyrical, sometimes metaphorical manner. Rimmer lives and works in Vancouver.

  1. 04. Dome Show meeting at Intermedia
    Judith Copithorne, Michael de Courcy, Gathie Falk, Maxine Gadd, Glenn Lewis, Gordon Payne, David Rimmer, and Ed Varney (Photograph)
  2. 05. Al Neil / A Portrait
    David Rimmer (Film)
  3. 06. Filmmaker David Rimmer, with Elli Gomber, at the Trips Festival
    Jack Dale and David Rimmer (Photograph)