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  1. Ballerina Marcia Tallchief with Ellen Neel and Totem Pole
Item Details

Title: Ballerina Maria Tallchief with Ellen Neel and Totem Pole

Artist: Ellen Neel

Format: Photograph

Location: VPL Special Collections

Fonds: VPL #62660

More Information:  Collection of the Vancouver Public Library, Special Collections, VPL 62660.

Further Research: Aboriginal Art in the Sixties
  1. 09. Indian Art, Vancouver Sun, July 6, 1948
    Ted Neel and Ellen Neel (Ephemera)
  2. 10. Neel Family As Totem Pole
    Ellen Neel, David Neel, and David Neel (Photograph)
  3. 11. Creator of Totem Pole, Native Voice, September 1954
    Arthur Moody (Ephemera)
  4. 12. The Queens totem pole loaded on to the "Pacific Unity" at Victoria on its voyage to England
  5. 13. Robert Davidson carving totem pole at "Man in His World"
    Robert Davidson (Photograph)
  6. 14. Bill Reid and Doug Cranmer carving the frontal board of Haida Mortuary pole
    Doug Cranmer and Bill Reid (Photograph)
  7. 15. Mathias Joe (Chief Joe Capilano) with a Totem Pole
    Mathias Joe (Chief Joe Capilano) (Photograph)