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  1. Claude Breeze, Transmission Difficulties: The Dignitaries, 1968
Item Details

Title: Transmission Difficulties: The Dignitaries

Artist: Claude Breeze

Date: 1968

Format: Painting [acrylic]

Location: Michael Audain Collection

Size: 182.90 × 152.40 cm

More Information:  Collection of Michael Audain.

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  1. 09. The Homeviewer #1
    Claude Breeze (Painting)
  2. 10. Passage
    Brian Fisher (Painting)
  3. 11. Window
    Brian Fisher (Painting)
  4. 12. Ezekial's Vision
    Brian Fisher (Painting)
  5. 13. Dreadnaught
    Gary Lee-Nova (Painting)
  6. 14. Moving in Alone
    Brian Fisher (Painting)
  7. 15. Menthol Filter Kings
    Gary Lee-Nova (Painting)