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  1. Indian Art, Vancouver Sun, July 6, 1948 (page 11)
  2. Neel Family Carving a Totem Pole in Stanley Park, 1948
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Item Details

Title: Indian Art, Vancouver Sun, July 6, 1948

Artist: Ellen Neel

Artist: Ted Neel

Date: July 6, 1948

Format: Ephemera [clipping]

Location: Pacific Newspaper Group Library

Publisher: Vancouver Sun, Vancouver

More Information: Newspaper photo and caption: Indian art of totem pole carving is being revived in Stanley Park by Mr. and Mrs. Ted Neel, 359 Powell. Mrs. Neel is granddaughter of Charlie James, who was a totem carver at Alert Bay for the Quiquasutinuk tribe. Here the Neels are carving a 12-foot red cedar pole, and keeping an eye on their baby daughter, Terry. Collection of the Pacific News Group Library.

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