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Activist, filmmaker, writer, curator. Lenore Herb was born in 1947. She has been active in Vancouver’s art scene since the 1960s, when she began working in the collating and distributing department at blewointmentpress. During this time, she was also a participant in the Sound Gallery and Trips Festival, the Floating Free School (started by Peter Hlookoff), and Knowplace Free School (started by Warren and Ellen Tallman). She has worked with artists such as Dan Graham, musicians such as Henry Rollins, as well as acting the as the long-time archivist and curator for the work of bill bissett.

A passionate social activist, Herb has worked with a coalition of environmental action groups to stop the Ashcroft/Cache Creek hazardous waste incinerator, was the President of the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (1990-1995), on the Board of Directors for the Recycling Council of British Columbia (1990-1994), the management committee of the British Columbia Environmental Network, and is the author of several pamphlets about environmental issues. In the area of film, Herb was actively involved with the Pacific Cinema for much of the 1970s and 1980s, as well a Community Producer for Metro Media (1979-1983). She lives and works in Vancouver.

  1. 05. blewointment magazine
    bill bissett (Book)
  2. 06. Participant at the Trips Festival
    Jack Dale (Photograph)
  3. 07. Know Place
    David Rimmer and Sylvia Spring (Film)