People / Jone Pane (Joan Payne)

Artist. Jone Pane (Joan Payne) was born in New Westminster, BC in 1940. She studied at the University of British Columbia (Psychology and Sociology) where she took a dance class with Helen Goodwin, and later Teachers’ College. Following a five-year stint as an elementary school teacher, Pane dedicated herself to the innovative Vancouver art scene of the 1960s and 70s. Pane was a core member of Intermedia for its duration between 1967 and 1971, acquiring unconventional art materials such as gunpowder, methyl hydrate and silver Mylar to construct performative, interactive, experimental and sometimes explosive work. In 1970, she was one of fifteen west coast Canadian artists selected to contribute to the B.C. Almanac(h) C-B photographic anthology commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada, organized and designed by Jack Dale and Michael de Courcy. Her booklet of photographs was titled “Projections.” Under the alias Jone Pane, she has exhibited extensively within British Columbia, where her work is held in public and private collections. In 2000, Pane relocated to Sechelt, BC where she currently lives and works.

  1. 03. Fire Piece
    Michael de Courcy and Jone Pane (Joan Payne) (Photograph)