People / David Neel

Artist. David Neel was born in 1937 in Fort Rupert, British Columbia. The first born of Ted and Ellen Neel, great-grandson of Charlie James, great-nephew of Mungo Martin, Neel came from a long artistic lineage. He began carving at a young age, when his father’s poor health forced his mother to become the primary income earner, and their Powel Street house in Vancouver became a studio for the production of small objects directed at the tourist trade. Neel continued to carve with his family at their Totem Arts Studio at Ferguson Point in Stanley Park through the late 1940s and 1950s. David Neel, Jr., was born in 1960 to Neel and Karen Clemenson. Neel passed away the following year, in 1961.

  1. 03. Neel Family As Totem Pole
    Ellen Neel, David Neel, and David Neel (Photograph)