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Filmmaker, artist, writer, educator. Jack Winston Darcus was born in Vancouver on February 22, 1941. In 1969, already established as a painter and art instructor, Darcus made his first film entitled Great Coups of History, an independent feature. Since this time Darcus has written, produced, and directed eight Canadian fiction feature films including Deserters (1984), Overnight (1984), and Silence (1997). Darcus had also directed for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Atlantis Films of Toronto, and taught at the University of British Columbia, the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, and the Vancouver Film School. In addition to his film work, Darcus’ paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and he has also written three novels.
Additional information and materials about Jack Darcus are available on request in Art, Architecture and Planning at the University of British Columbia Library.

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