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Filmmaker, educator, program director. Stan Fox played an instrumental role in the development of the Vancouver International Film Festival. Fox, along with Alan King, took over control of the Vancouver Film Society in 1948. In the role of program director, Fox organized the viewing of hard-to-find silent, experimental, and foreign cinema. It was Fox’s participation in the Vancouver Film Society that inspired him to start making films, utilizing the other members as cast and crew. Their first film, Glub, was a parody of the Surrealist films of Boris Kaufman and Maya Deren. Through the Society, Fox (along with Eric Gee) established the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1958, eventually becoming its director. A few years previous to this, Fox had been hired by the recently-opened Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production facility in Vancouver. There, he would rise to the position of director and producer of the film department. Fox was an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Film at York University from 1971 to 1984, and Director of Adult Programs at TV Ontario. He is currently an independent media producer in Victoria.

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    Stan Fox and Jamie Reid (Film)