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Title: The Indian as Artist, Part 3

Speaker: Chief Henry Speck

Speaker: Doug Cranmer

Format: Audio

Location: CBC Archives

 Further Research: Aboriginal Art in the Sixties
  1. 09. The Al Neil Trio performing at the Colonial Magic Theater
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  2. 10. blewointment magazine, Occupation Issew
    Margaret Atwood, bill bissett, Maxine Gadd, Lenore Herb, and Steve McCaffery (Periodical)
  3. 11. Indian Art, Vancouver Sun, July 6, 1948
    Ted Neel and Ellen Neel (Ephemera)
  4. 12. Kwakiute (Thunderbird) pole
    Ellen Neel (Photograph)
  5. 13. People of the Potlatch, Vancouver Art Gallery
  6. 14. Katherine Hepburn receiving totem pole carved by Ellen Neel from Harry Duker, Totem Land Society
    Ellen Neel (Photograph)
  7. 15. Steel Mushrooms
    Gary Lee-Nova (Film)