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Title: The Indian as Artist, Part 3

Speaker: Chief Henry Speck

Speaker: Doug Cranmer

Format: Audio

Location: CBC Archives

 Further Research: Aboriginal Art in the Sixties
  1. 09. Bill Reid and Doug Cranmer carving the frontal board of Haida Mortuary pole
    Doug Cranmer and Bill Reid (Photograph)
  2. 10. Pencil Drawing
    Chief Henry Speck (Drawing)
  3. 11. Cariboo Country: The Education of Phyllistine
    Philip Keatley (Film)
  4. 12. What the Heck Says Mr. Speck: The Chief Gives a Tootle for the Talents of Kwakiutl, Vancouver Sun, March 24, 1961
    Chief Henry Speck (Ephemera)
  5. 13. Official Gathering
  6. 14. Sea Monster Mask Dance - Ga-gish
    Chief Henry Speck (Painting)
  7. 15. Children with "Son of Raven, Son of Deer" book written by George Clutesi, The Vancouver Sun, July 14, 1967
    George Clutesi (Ephemera)