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  1. Crown-Zellerbach Canada Meeting, Michael de Courcy, Ed Varney, 1969
Item Details

Title: Crown Zellerbach Canada Meeting

Pictured: Henry Rappaport

Artist: Michael de Courcy

Date: December 31, 1969

Format: Photograph [fibre based gelatin silver print]

Location: The Michael de Courcy Archive

Size: 12.70 × 10.20 cm

More Information: A meeting with Crown Zellerbach, a forestry company that produced paper products. Crown Zellerbach supported Intermedia through donations of custom made paper products. Specifically the company supported projects by Michael de Courcy, Bob “Box’ Arnold and Gary Lee Nova all of whom used donated cardboard boxes as material for their work. This partnership between Crown Zellerbach and Intermedia was struck up by Intermedia director Werner Aellen. At this particular meeting Michael de Courcy was proposing a project in which cardboard boxes wouldprinted with photographic images. The project would be fabricated and printed industrially, sponsored by Crown Zellerbach. The project was under consideration for a exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and de Courcy looking for a sponsor to fabricate the work. Subsquently the finished project entitled Boxes was exhibited at the MoMA in 1970 as part of the “Photography into Sculpture” a international travelling exhibition. Here Henry Rappaport is pictured with Crown Zellerbach executives who are holding a de Courcy box prototype.  Collection of the artist.

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