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“Tried to call the peanut butter girl yesterday and found Cool Jerk on the jukebox.” (Ray Johnson)

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  • Michael de Courcy, Box Work performance, 1970
  • Michael de Courcy, Poetry reading in an aluminum dome, 1970
  • Michael de Courcy, Heather McCallum performing at Intermedia nIght, 1968
  • Michael de Courcy, Doris Shadbolt at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1969
  • Gary Lee-Nova, Dreadnaught, 1966
  • Michael de Courcy, Al Neil reading at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1968
  • Michael de Courcy, Johnny Neon installation at Intermedia Nights, 1968
  • bill bissett, breath box, c. 1969
  • Judith Morgan, Spirit Dance, 1954
  • Detail of Al Neil's piano from "What is a Piano" a performance at the Western Front
  • N.E. Thing Co., 16 Compass Points Within the Arctic Circle, 1969
  • Claude Breeze, Epitaph for Sam Perry, 1966
  • N.E. Thing Co. Ltd, A Portfolio of Piles, 1969
  • bill bissett, whorship th trees that grow round th door, 1966
  • Audrey Capel Doray, Icon, 1966
  • Jack Dale, Audience member at an event at the Motion Studio, 1966
  • bill bissett, Vancouver Mainland Ice and Cold Storage, 1969
  • Michael de Courcy, Games at City Feast, 1970
  • Joan Balzar, Fusion, 1967-1968
  • N.E. Thing Co., Art is All Over, 1971
  • Robert Smithson, Robert Smithson in Vancouver:A Fragment of a Greater Fragment, 2004
  • Al Neil in Buffalo Man Costume, 1972