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Ruins In Process is a research archive and educational resource that brings together still and moving images, ephemera, essays and interviews to explore the diverse artistic practices of Vancouver art in the 1960s and early 1970s. Drawn from private collections and archives as well as public sources, it uses the capacity of the internet as an ideal medium to present the interdisciplinary activities and technologies that emerged at that time. With hundreds of images, texts, audio and video recordings, Ruins In Process will reward repeat visits and ongoing research.

The Project Sites are curated selections of archive materials, all located in the central database, that look in detail at particular movements, specific artists or focused research areas in order to provide a context for the array of practices and documents gathered by the curatorial teams. Distinct in their design, these Project Sites present this valuable and original research — previously unavailable to the public in many cases — in ways that are in keeping with the formal and conceptual approaches of the artistic activity they explore.

The Essays area brings together commissioned pieces: Making Indian Art “Modern” by Marcia Crosby, Vancouver Cinema in the Sixties by Zoe Druick and UBC in the Sixties, a transcribed conversation with Audrey Capel Doray, Gathie Falk, Donald Gutstein, Karen Jamieson, Glenn Lewis, Jamie Reid and Abraham Rogatnick, edited by Marian Penner Bancroft. Reprinted for this broader audience is Urban Renewal: Ghost Traps, Collage, Condos and Squats by Scott Watson and Siting the Banal: The Extended Landscapes of the N.E. Thing Co. by the late Nancy Shaw. Designed to download as PDFs, this collection expands upon the social context in which Vancouver art in the sixties was produced and received, and forms a resource for students and instructors to complement the online resource.

The video Interviews with Ingrid Baxter, Christos Dikeakos, Carole Itter and Gary Lee-Nova provide a platform for these artists to reflect upon their work as students and young artists and the milieu in which they developed their ideas.

Visitors may browse the Digital Archive by artist’s name, year, title, or medium. Researchers, instructors and students will find that the resources conform to Chicago Manual of Style for citation purposes, and the Archive Item detail pages contain the source and location of the materials presented.

All content on this site is protected by copyright. The educational resources on this site may be used, reproduced and distributed by instructors for non-commercial, educational purposes without additional permission. Any other reproduction or use of content from this site requires the user to obtain copyright clearance.

We welcome your feedback and response to this resource. Let us know at feedback@vancouverartinthesixties.com

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Note to Educators

Since many of the artists represented on the site worked in several media, we would recommend that you explore the People section of the Archive Index as well as try out a Keyword search to access related Archive Items and Project Sites.

In-class use may include projecting the live site, or using the images in PDF version in a screen presentation. Alternately, choosing “Save as” from the file menu will allow you to retain the archival information and description along with the image in a Web Archive file.

The Essays section contains downloadable PDFs of each text to create a collection of print resources for research. The text materials on the Project Sites feature either a Print Version link to a PDF or may be printed by choosing Print from the File menu in your browser.

For directed research, the Search Archive field accommodates Boolean searches and corrects for minor misspellings. Visitors may browse the Digital Archive by artist’s name, year, title, or medium. Researchers, instructors and students will find that the resources conform to Chicago Manual of Style for citation purposes, and the Archive Item detail pages contain the source and location of the materials presented for further research.

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Our sincere thanks to all the artists, curators, institutions, librarians, educators, and individuals who cooperated with us on this project by providing feedback and advice, participating in interviews, and granting us permission to use their material on the site.

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