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  1. Jack Dale, WECO dancer performing at the Motion Studio, 1966
Item Details

Title: [WECO dancer performing at the Motion Studio]

Artist: Jack Dale

Date: 1966

Format: Photograph [slide]

Location: Collection of Rosemary Dyke

Size: 3.50 × 2.30 cm

More Information: The Motion Studio (1966-1967) was the second iteration of an experimental performance space initiated by musician and artist Gregg Simpson. Originally conceived for performances of the Al Neil Trio, the popularity of the Sound Gallery (1965-1966) necessitated the move to a larger venue. The change in name reflected the increasing involvement in the project of Helen Goodwin and the WECO dancers, along with the light and film projections of Sam Perry (among others). The experiments begun at the Sound Gallery in immersive, multimedia sensorium experience, propelled by a desire to collapse the divide between audience and performers and between art and life, continued and expanded at the Motion Studio. With its multiple rooms serving various functions, the office/warehouse complex included a gallery space, sound and light equipment rooms where experiments continually took place, and a performance area. Collection of Rosemary Dyke.

Further Research: Urban Renewal
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