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  1. Bob Masse, Painted Ship, William Tell & the Marksmen, n.d.
Item Details

Title: [The Painted Ship and William Tell & the Marksmen]

Artist: Bob Masse

Format: Ephemera [poster]

Location: Collection of Bob Masse

More Information:  Collection of the artist.

  1. 09. The Al Neil Trio performing at the Magic Colonial Theater
    Werner Aellen, Michael de Courcy, and Dennis Vance (Photograph)
  2. 10. Crown Zellerbach Canada Meeting
    Michael de Courcy and Henry Rappaport (Photograph)
  3. 11. Box Prototypes
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  4. 12. Meeting at Intermedia on Beatty Street
    James Barber, Michael de Courcy, Gerry Gilbert, Henry Rappaport, and Dennis Vance (Photograph)
  5. 13. Boxes on Pender Street
    Bob "Box" Arnold and Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  6. 14. Mick Henry opening
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  7. 15. Floating Boxes
    Bob "Box" Arnold and Michael de Courcy (Photograph)