Archive / Untitled (documentation of Mud Flats sculpture)

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  1. Tom Burrows, Untitled (documentation of Mud Flats sculpture), 1971
Item Details

Title: Untitled (documentation of Mud Flats sculpture)

Artist: Tom Burrows

Date: 1973

Format: Photograph [slide]

Location: Collection of Tom Burrows

 Further Research: Urban Renewal
  1. 09. Tom Osbourne's Fiber Optic Egg
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  2. 10. The Documentation Room at the Dome Show
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  3. 11. City Feast- Polaroids of participants
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  4. 12. Geodesic Dome construction at 4th and Arbutus
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  5. 13. Geodesic Dome construction on False Creek
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  6. 14. Dancer performing in the Geodesic Dome
    Michael de Courcy (Photograph)
  7. 15. Geodesic Dome construction on the mudflats
    Michael de Courcy, Gerry Gilbert, Glenn Lewis, and Dennis Vance (Photograph)